I can't imagine my life without belly dance for belly dance has become such an essential part of my life. Every cell in my body craves expression and release through the sensuous shapes I draw with my hips, chest, shoulders, arms, and head, and when I need to invigorate my body, a full body shimmy always does the trick! And my favorite part? Sharing my belly dance passion and performances with an enthusiastic audience and eager dance students!

Hire Me!

I am available to dance for weddings, parties, and special events of all kinds. From elaborate to down-to-earth occasions, I provide joyful, enchanting belly dance performances that are custom-tailored and guaranteed to please. I specialize in the more emotive Egyptian-style Raqs Sharqi or Oriental Cabaret with Folkloric influences, yet my personal style infuses elements from other world dance forms that I have studied over the years including Ballet, Salsa, Samba, Turkish Rom, Ghawazee, American Tribal Style, Persian, Tahitian, and Bollywood. My dancing is playful as well as lighthearted and fun. 

Looking for an Entertaining Dance Performance Group?

The Island Spice Dance Company on the Big Island of Hawaii features three top international dance artists specializing in Egyptian Belly Dance, Brazilian Rio Style Samba, & French Cabaret.

Artistic Director Najla Raqs has 32 years dance experience in 17 countries and is the former Artistic Director and founder of award-winning Fleurs dEgypte Dance Co. based in Seattle. She recently moved to the Big Island after spending 3 years performing on contract at luxury hotels and on cruise ships in the Middle East. Stephanie Bolton has been dancing for 17 years and teaching in the Kona community for 7 years. She founded Incense: a SEED program that offers after-school mentoring through dance & art to teen girls. Michelle Leigh has 19 years dance experience specializing in Egyptian-style belly dance infused with her passion for world dance. She is a founding member of the Saltanah Dancers of Santa Fe, NM, where she produced and performed in hundreds of belly dance shows prior to moving to Hawaii in 2015.

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