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Aloha! My name is Michelle Leigh, and I want to thank you for visiting Enchanting Dance, my website dedicated to the transformative power of belly dance and the feminine art of enchantment! As a professional belly dancer, a mother, a graphic designer, and your hostess extraordinaire—I invite you on a journey to discover your multi-dimensional nature and start expressing your feminine design to the fullest. Within this site, you will find inspiration and tools for experiencing womanly wellness through rhythm and ritual while learning how to turn your own magic on with radical self-love and care. Every woman has an innate need to express her truth; it is my purpose to help you harness the healing power of your divinity and feel supported in reclaiming your femininity in a way that won’t go unnoticed.

The Magic of Belly Dance

Interested in learning how to belly dance? I offer weekly, semi-private drop-in classes plus private lessons in my home studio. 

The Art of Enchantment

Want to take your study of femininity to a deeper level? Check out my resources and programs for mastering the enchanting arts. 

The Health Benefits of Belly Dance for Women

Improves Muscle Tone

The natural movements of belly dance gently tone muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, torso, spine, neck and arms while providing a low-impact exercise suitable for all ages.

Develops Poise

Coordination, symmetry and spacial awareness are aspects of belly dancing that help the body become more supple and graceful while learning to move beautifully and confidently.

Boosts Self-Esteem

The artistic and feminine movements of belly dance create positivity and freedom around sensual expression which liberates the dancer both physically and emotionally.  

Relieves Stress

The repetitive swaying, circular and flowing movements of belly dance form the basis of a dance meditation that help clear the mind and induce a state of mental relaxation.

Reduces PMS Symptoms

The soothing, massage-like movements of hip circles, figure eights and undulations help alleviate congestion in the pelvic region by stimulating circulation and blood flow.  

Conditions for Childbirth

Pelvic rolls and tucks in belly dancing naturally assist with pelvic relaxation while simultaneously strengthening the pelvic muscles for labour and post-pregnancy recovery.

What Women Are Saying About Michelle Leigh:

“Check it out. Michelle is great.

Helped my brain wrap itself around something my body does semi naturally (with a couple tweaks)

My head was getting in the way of my left hip and I couldn’t figure out how to do the movement. Turns out I could absolutely do the movement walking backwards so once we figured it out she helped me do it standing still.

Mahalo plenty, Michelle” 

Elaine Johnson

Michelle is a beautiful and highly professional performer and instructor. When I was searching for dancers to form a new dance company on the island I immediately knew she was exactly what I was looking for. She is hard working and easy to work with, and can be counted on for all aspects of show presentation and production. She is also very knowledgeable about Middle Eastern music and dance styles. Her dance style is graceful and elegant, and her natural smile always captivates the audience.

Najla Raqs

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